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Version: 1.0.0 Released: 26 March 2019
DleJAuto ALL-IN-ONE package at a very reasonable price.  This Component and Template are BOOTSTRAP 4.

DleJAuto Component and Template in one package at a very reasonable price.  This Component and Template are BOOTSTRAP 4.
The Component has all of the features you need to sell vehicles online.  Feature packed with Vehicles, Maps, Galleries, Dealers, and Categories.  It comes with a set of Modules that give you full control of your listings and book viewings.  Modules are an Advanced Search, Autos, Dealers, and Categories.
The Template allows the component to layout in a simple, user friendly environment and gives you full control of the way your site is layed out with it's packed features and layout builder and lets not forget that you also have the sp pagebuilder to do anything possible.

One of the most Full Featured Template Frameworks designed for Joomla 3.x

This is a great package for an auto dealership or dealer to list and sell vehicles online.




Helix Ultimate ver.1.0.5
Bootstrap 4.1.7


Joomla 3.9.5+ | PHP 7.3.1+


March 2019

DleJAuto Template and Component all-in-one complete auto dealer of dealership package.

Categories, Favorites, Features, Maps, Galleries, Video, interiors, Dealers, and an Advanced Search

8 Preset Colors

These color Presets are uniformely configured throught the entire site from headings to shadows.  You only need to change them in your preset options to give you unlimited color changes if you don't like one of the eight that wev'e provided.

Dealers / Sales Agnets

You can add unlimited Dealers to your auto listings with a full featured profile that contains their photo and any bio information about the dealer.  Socials with Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and Linked in.
To finish it all off you can add the deallers Phone, Skype, and of course their email and they have a nice hover transition to help it pop.

Auto Listings and Blog

For uniformity the same transition is used across the component and template.  The Listings and the Blog have been designed to have the same closeness in style.
The Listings module has the option of showing the feature badge and you can also group your Auto categories with it's module.
The Advanced Search module covers every detail of the Auto Listings.  Options for this module are being collapsible, add or remove a title at the top and the title color, and use a background color with an opacity range also or just leave it transparent.
When a category is added you get a choice of an image or a FontAwesome icon.  Neither of these are required and if not selected, a default image will be chosen for you.
The module has the option of showing the image/icon or just the category title.

Category Page and Module


Template Options

Full featrued options for complete control over the look and layout of your template.
The list of features are enough that you will have a complete set of options to a unique feel to your website.
Basic options give you control of Logo, Mobile Logo, Logo Type and Height.  Now you can use SVG logos.
Presets give you the option of 8 predefined colors or you can choose to define a custom style that gives you  separate settings for the Body, Header, Top Bar, Menu, and Footer.
Layout Builder has 2 predefined headers that you can use with the option of turning them off and laying out your own header in the Builder.
Navigation gives you the choice of Menu, Menu Type (Mega Menu | Mega Menu and Off Canvas | Off Canvas), Drop down Width for Mega, and Animation. The Off Canvas Menu can be set to the right or left screen position.
Typography can be customized with the complete Font Family, Size, Weight, Style, and Subset for the Body, Headings(1-6), Navigation, and Custom to set and choose Custom Selectors. Google Fonts also and Update Font List for a one-click update to refresh the list of Google Fonts.
Blog options for Image(Small | Thumbnail | Medium | Large) size and Crop Quality for better compression with jpg images. List for image size and Leading Article image size. Details for details image size, Social share, author Info, and Open Graph. Comments for Disqus, Intense database, and Facebook or disabled.
Custom Code area for Before Head, Before Body, Custom CSS, and Custom JavaScript.
Advanced where you can Compress CSS files and Compress JavaScript files. Scss to enable or disable Compile SCSS to CSS. Import and Export layout settings.

Template Layout Builder

The Layout Builder

The framework with endless possibilities. Design your Template layout with unlimited layout options and module positions. Add rows and columns as you wish to make your layout unique and unlike any other site with the drag and drop layout builder. Simply edit your module positions to suit your layout with any number of positions you like. Anything is possible with the backend Layout-Builder!

Mega Menu Builder


Drag-N-Drop Ease

This drag and drop Mega Menu configuration is simple and easy to use. Add any module or custom module to the menu you want. Multiple layout options for this Mega Menu will give you the ability to make your menu as unique as the layout of the site. With Font Awesome icon options you can make your links stand out.  Also added was Badges options for Badge Name and Background Color to place next to your menu item.

Page Builder

Live Frontend Editing

With the Live Frontend Editing system you get to use one of the most convenient web development page building features. See your changes in real-time, no popups, no preview. Everything is live with inline editing!

Classic Backend Editing

In the backend you can build your pages easily except for the fact that you have your addon and settings popup dialogs and have to use the preview for a live look at the page.
This is convenient if you are testing or experimenting for a look that you do not want seen publicly.


Drag & Drop Layout Builder
With the very flexible visual layout manager (composer) for module positions built-in, decide about position, margins, size or displaying on mobile devices – just by changing options. Based on fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 6 columns.
404 Page
Designed with a new appearance of the Joomla error page, where you can publish any module (like search module, menu or custom code module) using unique 404 module position.


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March 26, 2019