Joomla 3.x Responsive Templates


PoolSide is a Joomla 3 Responsive Template.
Designed for Pool Service Companies. This template can be used for anything from personal to a full blown e-commerce site with the abilities of the layout and page builder.
Comes with an all in one Products, Invoices, Quotes and Payments extension to use for the services and products you provide.

PoolSide 1.0 Responsive Pool Services Template


Techie is a simple responsive joomla template released in January 2018 by DleJProducts. With its design and features you can easily set up any corporate, business or professional website. The design and functionalities of Techie are designed in such a way that ensures maximized visual branding, content exposure and perfection. It has everything that you need to develop any type of business related website.

Techie 1.0 Responsive Business Template


MyBiz is a multi-purpose (all-in-one) Joomla 3 template. It is an excellent choice especially for businesses. It is a fully responsive bootstrapped solution that looks good on all resolutions and devices.

MyBiz 1.0 Responsive Mult-Purpose Template


XtremeMovie is dark with some Xtreme graphics for an Awesome user experience and a unique website. This Template is designed for sharing movies and talking with other movie buffs about nothing but movies.

XMovie 1.1 Responsive Video Share Template

Kunena 5.x Responsive Templates


CleanSlate is a Kunena 5.x Clean Vibrant template bult for Kunena 5.x. This template is designed in bootstrap 3 mockup and LESS, with this template you can configure it to be compatible with your joomla template.

CleanSlate 1.0 Kunena 5.x Responsive Template


theBlues 1.0 Kunena 5.x Responsive Template is a Dark Template designed for those that use dark sites or would just like to add a dark side to the forum. Designed in Bootsrap and less. Good on all devices. This is a very nice and colorful template design considering the dark side of it. If you are wanting more of the template features login with demo/demo.

theBlues 1.0 Kunena 5.x Responsive Template