XMovie Joomla 3.x Responsive Template

XMovie Version: 1.1 Release Date: 03 October 2016
XtremeMovie is dark with some Xtreme graphics for an Awesome user experience and a unique website. This Template is designed for sharing movies and talking with other movie buffs about nothing but movies.The movie engine is powered by HDVideoShare. HD Video Share is an efficient online video sharing extension for Joomla which provides flash and HTML 5 support. Additionally, videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and Daily Motion can be embedded via HD Video Share and the admins choice for streaming and for users to upload movies also. This is a package which allows you to start sharing videos on your website, within minutes.The forum engine is the brand new Kunena 5. Here all your users can visit and share all they want about movies.With the Helix III Framework you still have plenty of options to do about anything else you could think of with your template besides movies.

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Xterme Movie (xmovie) Installation Documentation
  1. Quickstart Installation
    Once you have downloaded your installation you will want to extract/upload the contents of the archive to the folder where you want the Joomla installation to be at. You could use an ftp program like FileZilla for instance or upload it through your server Control Panel. Now you only have to go through the installation details. Just surf to http://yoursite.comand follow the installation procedure as is similar to Joomla installation.


2. Template Only Installation
From the beginning, using the template_only install you will want to add the Template settings. The file is in the root of your template once it is installed in the folder Yoursite/templates/xmovie_settings.json. Open this with a text editor and copy and paste this into the template import settings window. Advanced tab of the template at the bottom of the settings.

Go to your Joomla administrator and choose Extension/Manage. This will take you to the upload and install. Upload the template only file and install. Don't forget to copy and paste the settings.


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