Layout Builder Options

Template Framework Documentation
Layout Builder Options Use of the Helix Ultimate Framework
You may also enter a custom layout like 4+2+2+2+2 as total 12 grid. Simply click + in the layouts to do this.

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Row Predefined Headers

There are two Predefined Headers to choose from.

If the Predefined Headers are disabled then it is recommended to create a new row and name it Header while adding two columns of the desired width and adding a Logo and Menu module position to them.

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Row Options General

Section Title

Adding the Section Title will be used as an ID for the row in the frontend.
Fluid Width

Enabling this will make the row fluid allowing you to publish full-width content such as sliders for instance
Custom CSS Class

You can add CSS classes that you have created in the CSS files here.  Just add the name of the class without any prefixes here.

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Row Options Style

Add the desired padding to the row. This will affect the padding of the Top, Right, Bottom, and Left.


Add the desired margins to the row. This will affect the margins of the Top, Right, Bottom, and Left.
Text Color
Link Color
Link Hover Color
Background Color

Background Image

The Background Image will use the following settings.

Background Repeat

This is used to determine how images are placed on a page in different manners. By default, a background-image is repeated both vertically and horizontally.
Inherit means the image will inherit it's value from its parent element.
No Repeat will show an image in it's original state and will set at the top left of a page without a background-position.
Repeat All will repeat the same image horizontally and vertically seamlessly over the full page. The last image will be clipped if it does not fit. This is ideal for small images with certain shapes, designs, or colors.
Repeat Horizontally will repeat the image across a page.
Repeat Vertically will repeat the image down a page.

Background Size

Inherit background size gets it's value from its parent element.
Cover resizes the background image to cover the entire container, even if it has to stretch the image or cut a little bit off one of the edges.
Contain resizes the background image so the image is fully visible.

Background Attachment

Inherit the image will inherit it's value from its parent element.
Fixed background image will not scroll with the page.
Scroll background image will scroll with the page. This is default

Background Position

Left Top
Left Center
Left Bottom
Center Top
Center Center
Center Bottom
Right Top
Right Center
Right Bottom
All of these values are self explanatory.  The values will place the image where it is set in the view.

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Row Options Responsive

rowopsresponsive The Responsive section of the Row Options are self explanatory.
Simply Enable or Disable these options to show or hide the row in different circumstances.

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