Blog Details Image

Choose an image size.


Social Share

Show social share buttons to the blog details page.

Social Share List

Add or remove social share buttons.  The buttons will be available from the Basic/Social Icons settings.

Disable Modules

This option will disable all modules from the left and/or right sidebar from the article details page.

Author Info

This option will show user bio as author information along with author Gravatar if the profile plugin is enabled.

Enable Open Graph

This option will add open graph content to the article so that social media like Facebook & Twitter can show the correct image for the article. Disable this option if you want to use a 3rd party open graph extension.

Facebook App ID

Simply enter your App ID.

Twitter Username

Simply enter your Username.

Reading Time Progress Bar

Show reading progress bar in blog details page.

Related Articles

Show related articles in article details page based on category and tags.

Related Articles Title

This is the title that will show above the related articles.

Number of Articles

How many articles you want to show in related article list.

Article View Type

Choose articles view (Thumb or list) type.  These will show at the bottom of your article.

Thumb View
List View

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