footer Copyright
You can choose to display your copyright information in any module position you choose.  If Copyright is enabled you will have the following options to choose.

Module Position
Places your copyright information in the module position that you choose.  You can add multiple custom module positions by opening the templateDetails.xml file from the template/root in a text editor and add your custom module to the <positions></positions> section of the file and reopen the settings page.  You can then see the custom module position.

Feature Position
If you want to add a feature along with the copyright you can choose it's position from here.

Place your copyright in the text box.  The text box will accept HTML so that you can also add a link in your copyright.
You can have the year update automatically by using {year}.

Go To Top
When this is enabled it will display a link at the right bottom area of the page with an upward arrow.  This will bring you back to the top of your page.

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