PHP 7.0.x (minimum), PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3.  Support ends December 6th 2021 for PHP 7.3.   PHP 7.4 (64 bit version, recommended)

MySQLi 5.6+ or MariaDB
upload_max_filesize = 4M (or more)
memory_limit = 128MB (but 256MB or more is recommened)
max_execution_time = 180 (but 300 or more is recommened)
cURL library - your server must work with curl or url_fopen.
OpenSSL Libraries - must be enabled.
PHP file_get_contents() function - must be available/unlocked.

Support for PHP 5.6 has ended. Change the PHP version from cPanel or ask your hosting company about this.

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