DleJResidential TEMPLATE ONLY Installation Documentation
DleJResidential Joomla 3.x Responsive Properties Template based on the Helix Ultimate Framework
  • Once you have downloaded the Template labled dlej_residential_template_j3_v1.0.1.zip simply browse to your joomla admin installation window and drag/drop the file to the file window or you may choose to install it from a folder.
  • Once the installation finishes you can then browse to your Joomla Template Section and select dlej_residential.
  • When the template settings window opens click the Template Options Button.
  • At the template settings window look for the Advanced tab and click it.
  • Find the Import & Export tab and click it also.
  • Here you will be presented with your Import / Export window.
  • In the template root installation you will find a file labled dlej_residential_settings.json and this will be needed to make your template look like the demo.
  • Open the .json file inside with a text editor.
  • Select and copy all of the text and paste it into the Import Settings box and click Import.
  • Click OK in the alert that comes up telling you that you will loose alll of your current settings.
  • Now click the Save button in the template settings window and you are ready to use your Template.

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