BundleSoft Package

Bundled Extensions Include Features, Dissmiss Cookie Bar, and Generate Meta all in one...
Features Version: 1.0.5 Release Date: 26 March, 2016
Features is a features box module for Joomla versions 2.5 / 3. This is simple CSS transitions 11 in all for now. Features image, title and description.
These can all be aligned left, right and center. Border and color can be added to the image if desired along with a link to your feature or advert. Title andBundledSoftPromo description color can also be set and you can show or remove shadow of the feature image. Features is responsive and gives you a row of up to four features and multiple feature modules are supported.
Dismiss Cookie Bar Version: 1.0.1 Release Date: 30 May, 2016 Updated 10 Dec, 2016
Dismiss Cookie bar is a Joomla Plugin that informs the user that your site uses cookies. This is to help conform to the cookie policy law. Fully configurable options. You can change the bar and bar text color, The button and button text color, You have the choice of setting the policy link to open in a new window or in the same window.
The Administrator has the option of having the bar load on every visit (session) even if you have already dismissed it or the option of the bar loading only once as long as the cookie is not cleared.
Added translatable Language file and bar position can be set top or bottom.

Generate Meta 1.0 Release Date: 3 January, 2015 Updated Date: 29 March, 2016
Generate Meta is a Plugin written for Joomla! 2.5 / 3 that generates the article meta description and keywords automatically so that you don't have to take the time. You can set your Meta description length. Page title (optional). Choose page header title order Front-Site / Site-Front / Front / Site. Minimum word length for keyword. Number of keywords. Set static keywords that will always show. Ignore (more or less a blacklist) word-list that you can edit and add words that will not be added. Option to save with article. Use the title, content or both title and content. Set robot meta. Google verify.


 From your Administrator panel Choose Extensions/Manage and just click this and it will give you the install window.
Make sure you have extracted all extension from the bundlesoft packag and drop them one at a time to install.  Once each one is installed you will get a Success window telling you they were installed successfully.
For Joomla! 2.5  it is just a little different.
You will want to choose Extensions/Extension Manager.
You will want to browse and choose each of the files and Choose upload and install.
When it is finished you will get a Success Screen.