AccountPro is a Joomla! 2.5 3.x Plugin that simply allows seleted users and or groups to login to client/subscriber frontend accounts. For security purposes options are available to allow/restrict by ip, group, groups of users for permission to use the feature. This Plugin was designed for Administrators and/or Super Users to have an option of logging into their clients/subscribers frontend accounts for support purposes with their own password.


 From your Administrator panel Choose Extensions/Manage and just click this and it will give you the install window.
Drag the file and drop it.  Once it is installed you will get a Success window.
For Joomla! 2.5  it is just a little different.
You will want to choose Extensions/Extension Manager.
You will browse to the file and Choose upload and install.
When it is finished you will get a Success Screen.


The best way to use this is to Define users by IP.
Security is best by IP address so that it is specific.
You can assign by user ID which is cool but if someone knows the user ID then not so good.
Groups are good if you have a strict compliance to user groups in that you only have assigned admins/supers assigned to them.
For your best security with this extension, we recommend that when not in use that you disable this plugin for extra measures.
This IS an awesome Plugin for what it does if you have a site where users/subscribers are having troubles on the frontend and seeing things you cannot or if they cannot get access for whatever reason to the downloads... etc... etc.... Used quite a few times.  This is why I wrote it.