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Version: 1.2.0 Released: 26 March 2019 Updated: 06 November 2019
DleJAuto is designed for auto dealers to list vehicles for sale online.
Includes Modules:
Search, Autos, Dealers, and Categories  Written for BOOTSTRAP 4

DleJAuto is designed for auto dealers to list vehicles for sale online.  The Component has all of the features you need to sell vehicles online.  Feature packed with Vehicles, Maps, Galleries, Dealers, and Categories.  It comes with a set of Modules that give you full control of your listings and book viewings.  Modules are an Advacnced Search, Autos, Dealers, and Categories.




Designed for Bootstrap4


Joomla 3.9.5+ | PHP 7.3.1+


March 2019


Dealers / Sales Agnets

You can add unlimited Dealers to your listings with a full featured profile that contains their photo and any bio information about the dealer.  Socials with Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and Linked in.
To finish it all off you can add the deallers Phone, Skype, and of course their email and they have a nice hover transition to help it pop.

Auto Listings and Blog

For uniformity the same transition is used across the component and template.  The Listings and the Blog have been designed to have the same closeness in style.
The Listings module has the option of showing the feature badge and you can also group your Auto categories with it's module.
The Advanced Search module covers every detail of the Auto Listings.  Options for this module are being collapsible, add or remove a title at the top and the title color, and use a background color with an opacity range also or just leave it transparent.
When a category is added you get a choice of an image or a FontAwesome icon.  Neither of these are required and if not selected, a default image will be chosen for you.
The module has the option of showing the image/icon or just the category title.

Category Page and Module



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November 6, 2019 V1.2.0
[NEW] Added a form that allows registered users to apply as a dealer.  The user simply fills out the form and if approved the administrator will grant access for the user to add / list their vehicles.
May 1, 2019 V1.0.1
[FIX] Added single column to the Autos and Dealer Modules for single column side bars/widgets.
[CHANGE] Moved the inquiry number to the detail image.
[FIX] Category blank image icon showing if no image selected in categories view.
[FIX] Dealer blank image icon showing if no image selected in dealers view.
[ADDED] Images and FontAwesome icons to auto features view.
[ADDED] Config option to hide the category buttons from the vehicles view so that the only category use is the categories view.
[FIX] Fixed summery background would not show properly in some cases.
[ADDED] Custom buttons css to modify standard buttons for conformity throughout the component.
[CHANGE] Some minor css changes for standout side widgets.
March 26, 2019 V1.0.0