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Released 01/09/2017
Updated 10/23/2023
J2 J3 J4 J5 PHP 8.2

BundleSoft Version 3.0.0  Reviews (0)


1 Year
Don't miss out on the current bundle which includes DleJFeatures, Dismiss Cookie Bar, and Generate Meta all in one package.

  • Changelog

Introducing Features, a user-friendly Joomla module with simple CSS transitions. It allows you to add images, titles, descriptions, and links that can be aligned left, right, or center. You can even add borders and colors to the images and customize the title and description colors. Plus, you can choose to show or remove the shadow of the feature image. Features is also responsive and supports multiple feature modules, giving you up to four features per row.

Dismiss Cookie Bar is a convenient Joomla Plugin that notifies your site visitors that your website uses cookies, helping you comply with cookie policy laws. You can fully customize the bar and button colors, choose whether the policy link opens in a new or same window, and decide whether the bar loads on each visit or just once.

Save time with Generate Meta, a Joomla Plugin that automatically generates article meta descriptions and keywords. You can set the length of the meta description, choose the page header title order, and set a minimum word length for keywords. You can also add static keywords and edit the ignore word list. Plus, you have the option to save the article and set the robot meta for Google verification.

Main Specifications

October 23, 2023 Version 3.0.0
[UPDATED] All extensions in the package are now J3J4J5 Compatible.
May 16, 2022 Version 2.0.0
[UPDATED] All extensions in the package are now Joomla 4 Compatible.
February 27, 2020 Version 1.0.1
[UPDATED] added updated version of Dismiss Cookie Bar and Features for current version of Joomla
January 8, 2017 Version 1.0.0

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