Dismiss Cookie Bar II

Dismiss Cookie Bar II Version: 2.0 Release Date: 3 April, 2018
Dismiss Cookie Bar II is our new April release and has been fully rewritten from the ground up as a Module. This decision was made in an attempt to leave some plugin conflicts and to give the module a wider range of configurability.
Each and every aspect of this extension is fully configurable to give you the ability of having exactly what you want in a simple cookie banner. We also decided to add some animations to help it to be noticed.
Banner Message, Color, Radius, Margin, Font Size, Font Color, Width. Banner message text area is html compatible.
Button Color, Text Color, Radius. Policy Link, Link Color.
Animations include, Slide up/down and Fade in (depending on position), Fade In, Slide in Right, Slide in Left.
Position can be set to top or bottom. With the banner margin set you can practically place it anywhere in the browser window you like.
Admin options allow settings to use a cookie or for easily viewable changes to the banner it can be set to view always.
Translatable Language File.