Generate Meta Joomla Plugin

Generate Meta is a Plugin written for Joomla! 2.5 / 3 that generates the article meta description and keywords automatically so that you don't have to take the time. You can set your Meta description length. Page title (optional). Choose page header title order Front-Site / Site-Front / Front / Site. Minimum word length for keyword. Number of keywords. Set static keywords that will always show. Ignore (more or less a blacklist) word-list that you can edit and add words that will not be added. Option to save with article. Use the title, content or both title and content. Set robot meta. Google verify.


This Plugin is not compatible with K2.  You can set the Meta Description Length and Robots Meta Tags.
Set Page Title (optional), Page Header Title Order (page/site title | site title/page title | page title) and Page Title Layout (frontpage title/site title | site title/frontpage title | frontpage title | site title).
Set Minimum Word Length, Number of Keywords and Static Keywords.  Edit, add and delete keywords from an ignore list (blacklist).  Choice to save Keywords and Description by article save.  Choice of Title, Content or Both for Keyword generation.  Choice of regeneration of All Keywords and save.

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