Features is a features box module for Joomla versions 2.5 / 3. This is simple CSS transitions 11 in all for now. Features image, title and description. These can all be aligned left, right and center. Border and color can be added to the image if desired along with a link to your feature or advert. Title and description color can also be set and you can show or remove shadow of the feature image. Dle Features is responsive and gives you a row of up to four features and multiple feature modules are supported.


Unlimited modules to allow you to display as many features as you wish.
Choose a single image for each feature and add a Border if you choose and pick a Border Color.  Show Shadow at base of image if you wish.  Image Alignment, Image Transition and can also add a link to the image if you wish in Same Page or New Page.
Add a Title if you wish and choose Title Alignment and Title Color
Add a Description if you like and choose the Description Alignment and Description Color.
These are a few of the transitions that you can use for your features. Capture the attention of your guests as they mouse over the boxes to get to your adverts, document links, and whatever you might use them for. There are Eleven now. Future updates are coming that will add more transitions and the ability to size the images and more.. helping you impress your guests.