Template Showcase Joomla Module

Template Showcase Joomla Module
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Template Showcase is a responsive Joomla!3.x module that lets you upload any image for your template preview and add your title with a Font Awesome icon. On hover, it has an overlay that you can add your Demo/Info buttons and links to. The Module is fully customizable. For more info, please see the Demo and Documentation for the Template Showcase Module.  This Module can just about be used for any other image and links project that you might decide to do.


Unlimited modules so that you can display as many rows as you need.
Title settings are full featured with standard or Google Font, Font Weight, Font Style, Font Padding, Font Size, Line Height and Text Alignment. Title Bar Color and Title Color can also be set.
Description options allow you Font Size, Line Height and Description Alignment along with Color.
Link options let your set Button Color, Text Color and Border Radius

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